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Let's first talk about the person behind Motivate4Life and how it all came about well I have an B.A in Social Work and A Master's in Counseling. So my passion has been too engage in conversation and dig deep below the surface of every situation when it comes too my clients. I look at the grey area  when dealing with each individual. Oberserving them in the way  they think  in their enviroment and how they react to everything around them. When making change in your life you first have too look at things from all angles and make  changes too areas of blockage. So in order to get the results you want Motivate4Life starts with you.

Ok so that's the life coach portion of the company but my other love is too see everyone reach for self sufficiency. which bring the area of business consulting. This is where your hobby or dream can be changed into your desired job. There's always a way to move up in the life  but again this all starts with you.


"Let's take the guess work out of the situation and get the coaching you need"TPH..



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